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Change Watch Strap

By changing your watch strap you can easily change the look of your watch to go with any outfit. It can make your watch a whole new piece either if your old strap is worn out or if you just want an updated look. See below our instructions to easily change your watch strap to a new replacement strap.

All our watch straps are attached with regular watch pins, meaning that it is an easy task to change it once you know how it works. Just follow the instructions below to get your watch strap changed.

  1.  Turn the watch upside down and insert the strap changing tool with the forked end between the watch strap and the watch lug.
  2.  Push the tool inwards towards the strap to detach the spring bar that holds the band in place. Once spring bar is detached, you can remove the strap.
  3.  Repeat on the other side, and you are all done!
  4. To attach a new strap, insert the spring bar in the new strap. At an angle, put one end of the spring bar in the hole in the watch lugs. Gently put pressure on the other spring bar end to fit it in the hole on the other side of the lug.

If you don’t have a strap changing tool, you can also often use a pocket knife or other thin blade. Just be careful not to hurt yourself or your watch!